Thank you for supporting
The Stolen Shakespeare Guild!

SSG Artistic Director Circle 2022-2023
(Donations from May 2022—May 2023) 

Kings and Queens ($5000 or more)
Anonymous $50,000.00 Donation
Arts Council of Fort Worth
Debra and Jeffrey Dahl
Thrivent *Corporate Donation  

Dukes and Duchesses ($2500 or more)
Judy and Glenn Cherry
Mark and Jill Freer
Stan Graner and Jim McBride
Laura and David Meade
Communities Foundation Of Texas  

Knights and Maidens ($1000 or more)
‘God Blest Us.’ 
Frances Jean Browning
Kayren Harter
Laura and Keith Jones
Brent and Janice Johnstone
Michael and Elizabeth J. Kehoe
Ben & Stacy Leonard
Steve & Diane Martichuski
Pam and Jerry Price
Anonymous $1500 Donation
Presidio *Corporate Donation
Veritex Community Bank *Corporate Donation 

Pirates and Wenches ($500 or more)
Julie Andrews
Helen Hogan
Paul and Colleen Koester
Jessica  Dahl-Colaw
Punch Shaw and Julia Hedden 

Squires and Nurses ($300 or more)
Barbara Catrett, M. Ellen Farrar, Kent and Gabrielle Gordan, and Gina Thompson 

Monthly Donors:
Julie Andrews, Barbara Cratchet, Rachel Dahl, Ethan Esgro, Ashlee Felker, Ben & Stacy Leonard, Steve & Diane Martichuski, Joseph Strange, and Gina Thompson

Thank you to all the Groundlings and Tradespeople who donated $.01 all the way up to $299.99 We truly appreciate you too!